About Us

Why was Pady Heel founded?

Pady Heel was founded to solve the daily problem of shoe injuries and make office style super comfortable.

We are here to make sure our community is dress properly while being super comfortable. 

The Pady Heel team is working nonstop to provide high-quality solutions for your comfort. Our specialists research daily ways to improve our solutions and invent more solutions that will satisfy your needs.

We believe in high standards. We like to see people dressing properly to feel amazingly attractive and having all eyes on them.

Meet Our Team

Noam Ohev Zion – Founder & Head Of Marketing

Noam Ohev Zion founded Pady Heel after he broke his foot during an accident. He underwent surgery and couldn’t walk for 3 months. This happened during the COVID-19 pandemic and a missile attack that forced him to run into a bomb shelter within 60 seconds, which made him really frustrated with his inability to even step on his feet.

That was when he decided to take all of his money and found Pady Heel, a company that helps women and men feel comfortable in their daily shoes, formal styles, and fancy clothing.

Nitay S. – Chief Marketing Officer

Nitay S. is the formal manager of the marketing teams, designers, influencers, and affiliations. 

Sara A. – Head of Programming Unit

Sara is a brilliant young programmer who took command of back-end & user interface of Pady Heel web section.

Matan N. – Financial & Business Consultant

Robin S. – Influencer Marketing 

Mallory G. – Text Editor & Writer

Ayesha M. – Mockups Designer

Ohad K. – Head of Graphic Design

Tamir M. – Professional Design Consultant



Ehud Kinnamon 18, Bat Yam, Israel